Importance of IT Security for Hospitals

Whenever a security breach takes place in a hospital, it is not only the data stored in its systems that is at risk; the breach puts the lives of many patients in danger. A simple hack can make an initially manageable medical situation turn into a life-threatening complication. This is why IT security solutions for hospitals must always be of the highest standard.

Devastating outcomes

A failure to invest in IT security can have devastating outcomes. The only safe way of running a hospital is by investing in state-of-the-art security systems that have been tried and tested successfully.

Emotions in the emergency room

Given the nature of things in and around the emergency room, it is not unusual for emotions to run high and for violence to erupt. As friends and relatives bring in their loved ones after a tragedy like an accident, all they want is for the doctors to immediately take him in and start doing everything they can to make sure he survives whatever medical situation he is in.


Typically, they will also be afraid and confused. The slightest hint that their loved one is not being taken care of the way he should, things can escalate. If there are no trained guards or police officers to contain the situation, the emergency room can become chaotic and things could fall apart.


Research conducted and released by the Emergency Nurses Association in 2009 showed that over 50% of nurse who work in the emergency room have been physically assaulted while doing their jobs and about 25% of emergency room nurses have fallen victim to at least 20 violent acts while on the job in the last 3 years.


This is why today, many physicians, nurses and others who work in hospitals are requesting their employers to invest more in security, including hiring more guards and teaching them how to better secure these healthcare institutions.


In any case, it would be naïve to expect physicians and nurses who continue to fall victim to assault while on the job to do an excellent job in taking care of patients. Everybody wins when these caregiver operate in environments that inspire them to do their best in helping their patients back to perfect health.


Hospital’s reputation hangs in a balance

As emotions rise and everyone voices their frustrations in open court, it is almost guaranteed that violence will erupt. Imagine if this scenario repeats itself a few times; the reputation of the hospital will be hanging on a thread. No one would be interested in bringing their sick to a hospital that has a reputation of not doing enough to save the life of every person who comes through its doors.

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