Why Office 365 Is Your Path to Streamlined Productivity

Office 365 product suite has brought around a lot of excitement in many people, but they are mistaking this offering for a new solution. Microsoft introduced the flagship productivity offering in June 2011, and it has been very beneficial to its users and also it is increasingly gaining a lot of acknowledgment in the global market.


Both small and big companies are now using Office 365 Consulting services to help them make the most of Office 365. The increased use of Office 365 has been attributed to the increased speeds and reduces prices of internet connections. Many people are now adopting the idea of having a service rather than hardware housed in their data centers and mobile workers have been asking for a tool that assists them to do their work regardless of their physical location.


Sharing and Social Interaction


Office 365 has become the one-stop-shop to productivity. It has made it easy for content sharing and social interaction and improved the efficiency of organizations when implemented. Office 365 product suite enables organizations to access a wide range of applications, allows data loss prevention and assists them in data encryption.


Other features include 50 GB mailbox and unlimited storage for archived documents. Also, each user enjoys 1TB of storage which is sometimes unlimited depending on certain circumstances in OneDrive for business, and the users can access their information with close to five devices.


Office 365 Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is known for its ability to enhance productivity. The Enterprise Content Management has become wider than the sharing of documents. It has brought efficiency and a wide range of services, which have helped many users to fulfill their job requirements effortlessly.


The Office 365 provides its users with a unified look when working on its platform, and it allows them to interact with workmates in a social fashion, schedule meetings, harmonize data, share content, send emails, view reports, and complete tasks.


The essential functions named above can be used in a variety of applications and profiles for a single user, and Office 365 makes these features available in a single account. This makes the user’s work-life experience easier and enjoyable than before.


Staying On Top of IT


Also, using Office 365 will enable your organization to access the latest software updates at all times. Office 365 allows automatic updates when new features are released, and this is very beneficial for people with minimal IT knowledge as they will continue receiving these updates on a continuous basis.


Office 365 has given IT more control than before. The features which come with Office 365 provide the IT exceptional control over their assets.  


Finally, mobility cannot be ignored in Office 365, and some free applications are available to enable people to access all features offered on the platform quickly.

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